Fake Google Reviews

Are Fake Google Reviews Illegal

Yes. Fake Google reviews have many consequences if the company identifies the person. The company has the right to file a lawsuit against the reviewer. The review has to be submitted by the existing customer. A person is neither a customer nor a supplier of the company. If he writes a negative review on the Google Business places, he is trying to kill the company’s reputation. The person may charge for the attempt to manipulation of business reputation. Legal action is possible against the third party, individual, or organization if they are found guilty. Google also takes strict measures to identify fake reviewers and banned them permanently.

What the FTC Thinks About Fake Reviews?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) keeps a close eye on the online retail stores and big brands that manipulate the web with fake reviews. There are incidents where the FTC has found the popular skincare brand training the employee to submit fake reviews. The FTC is very serious about the review manipulation, and if anyone is found guilty, the name of the brand will be publicly revealed. Also, there will be hefty charges on using fake reviews to fool the customer. FTC is also working on a new law to identify and charge the companies who are involved in fake reviews.

Some fake Google reviews are not illegal?

Any types of fake Google reviews are illegal. Fake reviews are used to manipulate the web. Companies who are involved in fake review submissions use them to improve the brand impression on the web. These reviews are not from genuine buyers. They are normally received from paying the price for each review submitted to the page. Fake reviews are poison to the customer. People who make decisions based on fake reviews may get trapped in the marketing gimmick. Customers may have a bad experience after taking the services. Many Companies does the fake review submission when they are not sure about the quality of their product. As a result, customer has to suffer in this process.

Google can delete fake reviews?

Google has an automated filter for identifying genuine users. If the review is posted from unknown sources and if it seems fishy, the automated software responsible for banning fake users will take action, and the users will be banned. All the reviews posted by the fake users will be deleted immediately. Google also offers the manual review removal service to businesses. Companies can put the claim in the support center explaining why a particular review needs to be removed from the page. If your given reason is found genuine with the submitted proof, then the reviews will be deleted. Google took the fake reviews seriously and banned the uses once found guilty.

What if Someone Posts a Fake Review About You?

When you find some users or organizations are writing a negative review on the Google business pages. The first thing that you should take is to contact the individuals who are writing the reviews about you and remove them with a polite request. Try to offer them the best service at a discounted price as compensation to make them align to get the review deleted. Note that you should not flag the negative review because they are harmful to your reputation. If Google finds the reviews are genuine, which you have flagged, your account will be penalized without warning.

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