How Do I Become a Google Local Guide

How Do I Become a Google Local Guide?

Google has made the registration process easy for enthusiastic people who want to be part of the Google Local Guide. Visit the Google local guide official website and signup to make your profile. You can even link the existing Google account to the Google local guide. Leave the reviews and rate the places. Upload the recent images. Take active participation in adding more information about the place you visit. The information you shared on the Google local guide will be visible to the other travelers searching for the information. Your shared information will help others know more about the place and the advantages and disadvantages of being at the place.

How does A Google Local Guide Contribute to Listings?

Buy Google Reviews USA Local Guide is the opportunity given to the traveler who loves to explore new places. Once you become a local guide, you can contribute the content on the business listing and help potential customers, visitors, and travelers to find relevant information about the places. Local guides are becoming part of the large community of people who share their views, write reviews, share recent photos of the places, answer the users’ questions on the listing, and update the existing listing. Millions of people worldwide are looking for the information shared by the top Local guide.

The Power of a Google Business Reviews?

The Google Local Guide is a small initiative to connect people who live across the globe and build a large community that help others to find the places. Google has introduced the local guide features for the people who like to travel to new places, share photos, write reviews, and give their valuable inputs about the places they have been to recently. Whenever anyone traveling to the same place can check the review before going there and judge the region. A local guide is helping millions of people make wise decisions. Also, it makes the journey safe and secure for the explorer.

Why is Google Places Important for Business?

Reviews written by the Local Guide could help you improve your reputation in the local market. Businesses that receive more local guide ratings and reviews are considered popular places in the region. Your business listing would start growing, and you will be rank for the most searched keywords on the Google local search. Additionally, the Local guide experience may shape the first impression of the viewers. People who are willing to visit would read the reviews of the people who have already been to your place. Based on the reviews, people will judge the authenticity and quality of your service. It is a great opportunity for the business who want to spread their services in the region.

Different between normal and Local Guide accounts?

Normal Google account and the Local Guide accounts are two special services offered by Google. When you join the Local Guide accounts, you are listed in the Local Guide category. As soon as your account is created, immediately, all the perks related to the Local guide are applied to your account. You are now eligible to write reviews, rate the places, share photos, videos, answer the questions posted by other users, and edit the existing entry to correct the information, fact check to approve or disapprove the information. Every action you take on the local guide account will be considered for the perk. You will earn points for every value-added information placed on the page. This is not possible with the normal Google account.

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