How Google reviews benefits on law Firms

How Google reviews benefits on law Firms

With almost everybody moving their businesses to the internet, law firms are not left behind. In the past, law firms would only depend on their clients’ referrals to get new clients. Attorneys had to maintain an optimal image as professionals to their clients, who would, in turn, market them to their friends.

In the modern era, third-party review platforms have become essential for an excellent reputation. Online resources like FindLaw, Google, Avvo,, Who’s Who Legal, Martindale-Hubbell, and many others help law firms to build their credibility and boost their reputation.

Statistics showed that 75% of clients find their preferred attorneys online. 65% confessed that their decisions about the law firms to hire are solely influenced by online reviews.

How Google reviews benefits on law Firms, It’s crucial to follow a business trend to avoid being left behind. Increasing a law firm’s digital presence can be a starting point for its success. Of course, some people believe in online reviews equally to individual recommendations. Someone is likely to go through several reviews and make a concrete decision to hire your law firm for their legal needs.

This article explains How Google reviews benefits on law Firms and how to get them.

How Important Are Google Reviews?

Reviews have turned out to be a chorus for any serious investor who wants to build a great online reputation. 97% of consumers read online business reviews before settling on the product to buy or service to hire. 85% of those who read online reviews as part of their purchase process trust them than referrals from family members or friends.

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Whenever we talk of online reviews, we cannot neglect Google reviews at any point. Surprisingly, Google has an unmatched user base of different people looking for services. The 3.5 billion daily searches conducted on this search engine represent about 74.5% of the internet’s total queries. More than 45% of Google searches are from people who are searching for local businesses. Over 70% of those looking for businesses look for reviews to make a buying decision on that same day.

How Google reviews benefits on law Firms

That is not the end of the story! Google reviews do great for connecting to other platforms. For example, when you get Thumbtack or Facebook business reviews, they will appear as reviews from the web on the Google reviews Knowledge Panel.

Finally, if a law firm has Google reviews, they help perfect the firm’s local search engine optimization. Use of Google reviews will see your law firm move to page one of Google and increase the chances of getting more clients.How Google reviews benefits on law Firms

With these facts, you can see how Google reviews are vital for any business to succeed.

What Reviews Increase Client Conversions?

A research that involved over 300 participants, lawyer marketing found that consumers of legal services look for specific types of reviews in their hiring process. Below are some findings of that research:

  1. 5 % of the respondents would only consider hiring a law firm with a 4 or 5-star rating.
  2. Customers love to work with law firms that have a high number of positive reviews.
  3. 87% of those participants picked Google as their most trusted review site. Only 48% and 24% said they would consider Yelp and Facebook reviews, respectively. A mere 3% said that Avvo reviews were relevant to them.

It’s vital to provide satisfactory legal services to all your clients. This will draw positive reviews for your firm without them being prompted.

How to Get Positive Reviews?

The surest way of getting reviews is asking for them from clients. You can create a review link and share it with your clients to give their feedback. Clients will give the best reviews if they are asked to do so immediately after receiving your services. It’s unwise to incentivize clients to provide reviews.


We cannot underrate the importance of Google reviews to any law firm. Reviews will help you to understand how to run your business better. Remember, customer satisfaction translates to positive reviews.

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