How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

Yahoo is a free email service that was launched twenty-three years ago. This email service has advanced to the extent of developing a handy mobile app. Good enough, you can delete your Yahoo email account if you are no longer want to use it. However, you can only do this after 90 days from the day you cancel the subscriptions. Again, you cannot delete a yahoo account when you have some balance in the account. Once you delete your yahoo account, you can’t receive more emails from the people who had your email address.

Should you delete your Yahoo account?

Though someone might consider it worth deleting yahoo accounts that they don’t use, experts’ advice is different. According to some German researchers, deleting an account may see it assigned to a new user. This poses a risk to your data and information. The new email user might receive emails from people who might not know that you deleted the account. Malicious account owners might compromise such data and misuse it.

How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

With such accounts reassigned to someone, they are likely to access some services or social accounts that you had linked to your email address. Imagine if someone is shopping online in your name or posting on your social media accounts! It’s just pathetic. Therefore, it isn’t advisable to delete a yahoo email account for whatever reason.

What Does It Mean to Delete a Yahoo Mail Account?

Most people think that deleting a yahoo mail account is merely losing access to the account and removing the emails. This is not true. Deleting the account also means that you can’t access any data stored in the Yahoo services. Being the deleted account owner, you cannot access your My Yahoo settings.

How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

Those who send you emails after deleting your account will immediately receive delivery failure notifications. To avoid confusion and inconvenience it is good to inform your contacts and friends of your intentions to close the account before doing so. You can give me the email address you’ll be using in the future.


When will my Yahoo email account be deleted?

If you try to delete a yahoo mail account, it will prompt you to unsubscribe from the services linked to it. Ninety days must elapse from this date for the account to be deleted. Otherwise, you may terminate such subscriptions once you decide to delete your account then delete it after at least 90 days.

How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

How to Delete Yahoo Email Accounts

If your account is doesn’t have any subscriptions, you can delete the account immediately as long as it has a zero balance.

Yahoo also deletes accounts that have been inactive for more than a year. So, keeping your account inactive for at least 12 months will see your account closed.

If I delete my account, will it delete all of my email addresses?

No. Deleting a single yahoo mail account doesn’t affect your other email addresses. If you have different email addresses from Yahoo, Google, or other email service provider, they will remain after you delete the account you consider “unnecessary.” Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about losing all your email addresses when you delete one account. You will conveniently access your mails once you update your clients that you deleted one account.

If I close my Yahoo account, can I open up a new account?

Yes. Account owners are free to create new yahoo email accounts if they still consider it useful. For example, you may want to create a yahoo account with an address that includes your brand name for convenient communication with clients. Closing a yahoo email account doesn’t limit someone from creating a new account in the future.

It’s also good to note that you can reactivate your deleted account if you log in within 40 days from the day you delete it.

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