How to get Restaurant Reviews on Tripadvisor

Whenever we talk of a restaurant, it’s good to understand that food quality, pricing, and customer service determine a customer’s experience with your business. Over 90% of people take time to read online reviews, and 88% of them trust what the reviews say about your business. With these figures, you are sure that there is a problem with your restaurant business if your customers are not talking about your restaurant. If your existing loyal customers do positive reviews about your restaurant, you will get new customers who will trust these reviews.

There are more than 4 million restaurants listed on TripAdvisor for clients to review. How to get Restaurant Reviews Listing yours here can be a great economical way to raise your business profile. This third-party review site is highly reliable and trusted by consumers of hotel services. The platform allows you to manage and respond to your customer feedback.

Below are some tips on How to get restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor:

Promoting Your Presence.

Though TripAdvisor is the most popular third-party business review site, you need to shout out your presence on it. This is more effective when you have won some badges or awards on TripAdvisor.

Take time and publicize your TripAdvisor page in different places where existing and potential customers can access it. You can do so on menus, social media channels, receipts, and flyers, and on the WiFi login page. Let them know that you value their feedback for them to review your business.

Ask for Reviews.

Although it seems obvious, it is suitable for your restaurant employees to ask customers about their experience. How to get Restaurant Reviews About 70% of customers leave reviews for a business if asked to. Hence, letting diners know that their feedback on your TripAdvisor page will contribute to more positive reviews.

Reminders and Prompts.

If you receive a customer who expresses satisfaction and promises to review your restaurant, you can remind him/her after some time if you realize it’s like they forgot. Probably, they have not recommended you because of their tight schedules. Or else, reviewing your business is not their top priority.

A simple prompt could be all the customer needs to review and recommend your food and service. The best way to go about it is to send automated emails or SMS alerts to your customers could see you receiving a lot of TripAdvisor reviews. The remainder should come between 3- 7 days of purchase. Customers may not recall their experiences after a week or more.

Responding to Reviews.

How to get Restaurant Reviews, Some customers only review businesses that respond to customer reviews—responding shows that you value customer feedback. The response should be made to both negative and positive reviews. It’s better to ignore a positive review than a negative one. For positive reviews, you should thank the reviewer for their time. If you get a negative review, it’s good if you accept the highlighted mistake and promise to improve on it. Failure to respond will tarnish your business’ reputation. Once you have acted on the customer’s complaint, you can request them to come back for a service and, if satisfied, ask them to edit the previous review. Criticism should only build you and not destroy you.

Factor What Competitors are doing.

It’s paramount to go through your competitor’s TripAdvisor reviews and see what customers liked about them. Imitate their best qualities or define better ways to get ahead of them. By doing this, you will satisfy more customers, and they end up giving you many positive TripAdvisor reviews.

Online reputation is vital for your restaurant, and the best way to grow it is by listing your business on TripAdvisor to get reviewed by customers. With a considerable number of positive reviews, you will improve your SEO ranking and increase bookings.

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