How to Respond to Google Reviews

How to Respond to Google Reviews

However, you may get some Positive or negative reviews on your Google Business page, You just need to respond as soon as possible. Your fast response gives you a strong impact on your GMB page.

Google My Business Can Makes your Business Brand And Grow Your reputation Online. Google Reviews makes customers trust and grow your business locally. As you know Google Search Engine is one of the most popular and trusted ways. The most important thing, If you have some positive reviews Reviews people always trust you rather than others. It makes you and your customers more comfortable and satisfied. So you just need to know how to respond to Google Reviews, So read the article and lead your business professionally. You can respond to reviews with a few steps:

1.Login to your Google Account

2.Go to

3.Click on the Reviews menu for showing Customers reviews

4.Select reviews and makes your reply.

Why responding to reviews is important

Respond to positive or negative reviews seems you are a professional businessman and have the ability to satisfy your customers. So fast response to reviews is most important it has more benefits next follow the steps.

  • 97% of customers read online reviews before taking service.
  • 50% of consumers are waiting and expect fast responses to their reviews.
  • Google Gives priority to the regular fast responding business and gets fast ranking local SEO.
How to Respond to Google Reviews

How to Respond to Google Reviews

Respond to reviews is a part of your online business. Replying to reviews makes it positive seems you care about their reviews.

How to respond to good reviews

Google gives priority to the responding business that’s for Google publishes Google my business app to makes your reply fast. I am not saying you just need to respond to your all reviews, But try to respond fast as soon as possible.

As I said before, If you cannot control the reviews like positive or negative, try to respond to all reviews. It’s proven that you manage your online reputation.

First You need to log in to your Google My Business Page, Select the location which you want to manage. From the left bar (Reviews) menu click on and reply to your desire opinion.

How to respond to bad reviews

Google Negative reviews make your Business page hurt and down your Local SEO ranking. It also makes your reputation bad, So you must Need to handle the negative reviews professionally. Try to respond to negative reviews with details. Because it gives you chance to retaining dissatisfied and turns positive seems.

Bad reviews are unexpected for any business, If you want to respond to bad reviews you just need to check and keep your emotions. Try To offer and make useful solutions quickly.

How to Respond to Google Reviews

How to Respond to Google Reviews

Noted that only customers do not write negative reviews, Your competitor can post bad reviews to down your reputation and ranking. To respond to bad reviews at details you can flag this review and Google can delete your reviews.

How Do Google Reviews Work?

One of the important and important things Google reviews work for your Local SEO ranking. Buy Google positive and 5-star rating helps your Google Map listing stand out from the crowd.92% of customers are reading online reviews, So Google reviews directly impact your Google My Business page. Let’s See How Google Reviews Work:

  • · Grow brand reputation
  • · Increase the positive impact
  • · Fast Local SEO ranking
  • · Improving PPC and sales
  • ·Stand brand trust and worth


Final Words

Only Positive 5 star Google reviews can make your business more profitable and grow your sales. Google Business Reviews is a way to promote your business to customers. As you read the article you may know how to respond to Google reviews. If you want more reviews on your Google Page, you can contact us.


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