How to Write Reviews on Google

How to Write Reviews on Google

How to Write Reviews on Google

Google My Business one of the most popular, easy, reliable customer feedback. We have discussed recently how important is Google reviews for any business. That’s is because 92% of customers are read online reviews, so positive reviews build customer’s trust. For example: having a Google Business page with some great 5 stars Google reviews helps your GMB get noticed by each other’s friends. So Google reviews directly impact to your online business 100%sure. If you don’t know how to write reviews on Google, let read this article and follow the step to step.

How to Write Reviews on Google

How to Write Reviews on Google

How to Write Reviews on Google on Desktop by easy 8 steps

Here a few guidelines to write reviews on Google

1.let open any of your web browsers

2.Log into your Gmail Accounts from

3.Search to Google maps for your targeted business.

4.At the 1st bottom, you see the business name and or address

5.Click on this business page and appear on writing “reviews”

6.You will see 5 empty starts box

7.Now, Write your opinion and score the rating

8.Click on a post or submit reviews button

How to Write Reviews on Google

How to Write Reviews on Google

There are easy ways to shorten and write reviews on Google, this process easy for you and your customers to leave a review in a few seconds.


How to Leave a Google review on Mobile phone

As I say before how to leave a review using the desktop, Now let write reviews using a Mobile phone with a few steps.

1.Sign into your Google Account

2.Search your desire Business using the Maps App.

3.Now your business details and name appear at the top of the page.

4.Click on your business page and scroll for write review.

5.Now, you can see the 5 empty box

6.Let write your opinion and rating

7.Finally, Hit on the submitted button for a published review

How to Leave a Review Without a Google Account

If you are an android user and never had any Google accounts, You can write reviews from Google Maps app following the same steps as I said before. Google has permitted customers to leave reviews anonymously. But mind it, all reviews you have posted on Google are visible to the public.

Google always a priority for valid profile reviews and keep a great impact on your online business.

How to Write Reviews on Google

How to Write Reviews on Google

Why Google Review is important

Customers’ feedback is coming from many forums, But only Google reviews directly impact your Local SEO to get a higher ranking. Remind it, only Google positive reviews don’t make your customers trust. Google makes your business-boosting following your positive feedback. You can rank higher if you get some Google 5 star reviews.

How you can get more Google reviews

If you really want to get more Google reviews, You need to share some articles or using social network forums. By those Social networks, people know about your business and get interested to leave a review on your GMB page.

What is an easy way to get a 5-star rating?

Such as there have many ways to get reviews on your Google business page, But this is not very easy or kills your time too. So if you are looking for some positive review without any time loss. You just keep using webhelpz for get faster reviews on your business. Let contact us for 5 star rating.

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